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Keynote Presentations

Inspire your audience with an interactive presentation that will motivate them to reach beyond "Peak Peformance" and embrace their "Unlimited Potential".

Success Workshops

Train your team to use the latest psychological sales tools that can help turn your staff into an unstoppable sales force that closes more deals.

Event Entertainment

Amaze your audience with a fun interactive presentation that will have your staff and clients talking about your company for years to come.


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All Weather Seal Sales Training Workshop
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Master Your Matrix Book

Get JimmyG's "#1 On Amazon" Book - Master Your Matrix.

Are you living life to it's full potential? Or are you struggling to lose weight, pay bills, find love, or?
Either way, you are creating the reality your living in.

You can continue to "hope" things will change OR you can make the decision now to Master Your Matrix! MindPower coach, Jimmy "JimmyG" Graham, C.Ht. will show you how to use the power of visualization to improve your health, increase your wealth, and boost your happiness.

Inside this book, you'll discover ***why you're stuck and what caused it***how to break the cycle of self-sabotage***what secret power you already have at your disposal***how to use this power to design the life you want and so much more.

This is NOT just another Law of Attraction "woo-woo" book. You'll learn the actual science of how your mind works to create your reality. And then you'll learn how to create a better one! :-)

For example, in chapter one, you'll learn how thinking about one simple word can change your entire world. In chapter four, you'll discover a mind power technique that can turn the impossible into "anything's possible." In chapter six, you'll discover which celebrities use these visualization tools to create superstardom. (proof positive that "the best of the best" use the techniques found inside this book)

And in chapter ten, you'll learn how four mastermind pillars can turn your goals into reality. And that's not all. At the end of each chapter, you'll get a simple action plan that will train you to get focused, stay motivated and produce the results you want to achieve. So will you continue to live a life of struggle and illusion? Or will you get Master Your Matrix now and use this step by step system to create the life you deserve!


MindPower Presentations Inc CEO Jimmy “JimmyG" Graham, C.Ht. has shared the same stage with A List superstars like Christie Brinkley, Charlie Sheen, Mark Walberg, Mel Gibson, John Travolta, Gene Simmons, Vanilla Ice, Bethany Frankell, Jay Abraham, George Ross, JT Foxx, Dr Nido Qubein and many more.
And as a motivational speaker, subliminal sales trainer, author, infotainer and mindset success strategist, he knows the power of inspiring and entertaining an audience and will provide the WOW experience your audience is waiting for.

And you'll be guaranteed that it won't be just another "Ra-Ra" speech. It will be an interactive "WOW Experience" for your group that will give them the edge over your competitors.


Your business or organization is only as strong as your greatest asset...The mindset of your team. Most businesses and sales teams operate on the 5% horizontal conscious thinking level. (ie: increasing social media presence, branding, number crunching, etc)

Leading businesses of tomorrow are now realizing the vertical power of tapping into the other 95% of their sales team's subconscious potential to go beyond conscious peak performance thinking. (ie: re-igniting imaginations, releasing self sabotaging behaviours and instilling new empowering beliefs)

JimmyG's mission is to share and demonstrate the true unlimited potential of your team's mindpower in fun, interactive, entertaining and demonstrative keynote presentations so your team can get focused, stay motivated and produce results!

MAIN PRESENTATIONS: "Close More Clients- Discover Master Subliminal Sales Secrets That Can Seal More Deals" "MIND Your Business- The #1 Way To Get Focused, Stay Motivated & Produce Results" "See The Sale - How To Master Visualization To See More Sales Success”

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